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She needed it.  Her body seemed to be on fire all the time.  She had a few guys she could call on whenever she got horny but tonight no one was answering the phone and she had to do something.  She had already masturbated 3 times hoping it would help but it seemed to only make things worse.

It was late but she could take it no longer.  She dressed, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.  She heard there was some kind of kink bar called “Rendevous” up on 10th street.  She’d never been there…. she felt as though only desperate people went to places like that.  Tonight she was that desperate person.

She rode around the bar 4 times before finally finding a spot on the crowded street.  As she stepped out of her jet black Tesla she straightened her tiny little black skirt.  It barely hit the bottom of her ass and she hadn’t bothered to put on underwear, she wouldn’t need them tonight.  Her shirt was just a loose handkerchief shirt that tied around her neck.  Her heavy breast hung perfectly in the shirt; her hard nipples showing through the thin material.

Normally she would worry that someone would recognize her but her need was so great she couldn’t be concerned about it now.  She could almost feel her excitement running down between her legs as she opened the door and walked inside the bar.  The music was loud and people were dancing erotically on the dance floor.  Looking up over the balcony she could see the large canopied beds, some empty, some filled with couples fucking out in the open where everyone could see.  The sight of it almost made her cum right there.  She didn’t waste time getting a drink at the bar, she saw a few guys eyeing her on the dance floor.

Smiling she walked into the middle of the floor and began dancing erotically,  bending over letting those interested see she had no panties on her shaved pierced pussy.  She closed her eyes and continued to roll her body.  She felt a guy move up behind her, his hard dick pressed against her ass as another man moved in front of her.  He slowly moved his hands between her legs touching her soaking wet pussy. She didn’t stop them, she didn’t care.  She closed her eyes and felt more hands on her.  She wasn’t sure who was touching her anymore.  She didn’t bother to even look back as the guy behind her began to push his dick against her swollen pussy.  Was he using protection?  But before she could ask he bent her over and rammed his dick inside raw.

The music kept going loud as he held her hips, pushing her tight little skirt up on her ass as he pulled her into him.  The guy in front of her wasted no time unzipping his jeans and pulling her face to meet his massive dick.  Her eyes grew wide but there was not time to protest, he forced his hot sweaty dick in her mouth, thrusting up into her throat as the stranger behind her fucked her hard.  His fingers digging into her skin as he thrust into her mercilessly.  Tasting precum from the guy in front of her, she felt the loose shirt being ripped from her.  Two other men had grabbed her hands on either side, forcing her hands on to their hardening dicks.

She could barely stand it, her body was alive with pleasure.  She knew none of these men, had barely seen their faces and now she was bent over taking some strangers long fat dick and sucking another.  Hands gripped her nipples twisting them lightly.  Her muffled screams could barely be heard above the music as her pussy spasmed in waves, gripping her lovers dick tightly inside her.  His thrusts getting harder going deeper as she heard him join her.  He thrusted one last time so deep that he forced her to lift to her tip toes and then he was gone.

Dropping to her knees she kept the other mans dick in her mouth.  She watched as he threw his head back and pushed inside her throat forcing her to gag.  Slob running from her lips, to his balls and stringing down her now bare breasts.

It wasn’t long before another guy was on the floor behind her.  Fumbling with her swollen pussy lips, fingering her clit roughly as he used his other hand to stuff his dick inside her.  She groaned with excitement feeling another unprotected dick inside her.  She looked up; she was surrounded by men.  All either grabbing her hands or stroking their hardening dicks inside their pants and all waiting their turn.  She began to wonder if she had gotten herself into more than she could handle.

Up in the balcony she could see she had drawn an audience, all eyes were on her and she knew they all wanted to know how much she could take.  She felt as though they were all challenging her with their eyes to take them all.

Her world whirled around her as her hands were filled with more dicks.  The guy in front of her began to roar, shooting a load so huge she knew he would drown her if she didn’t gulp it down.  Soon his dick was replaced with another, this one even fatter.  She had to stretch her lips around his shaft as he thrust forward.  The guy behind her ramming into her fast and hard like a wild animal.  She reached between her legs to feel her swelling clit, massaging it, making her pussy tighten around another strangers dick.  Before long he was cumming, filling her again with another load of strangers’ seed.

She knew she should be ashamed of her actions but she was driven by her desire.  She needed to be fucked good.  Here in this place, never had she felt so free to experience her pleasure without limitations.  These men were all ready to fuck her and she would take them till she couldn’t.  As soon as the cumming dick in her pussy exited another entered and she was willingly taking everything they could give her.  She came again as more hands cupped and kneaded her breasts. Another dick came in her mouth and it was soon replaced.  She was soon covered in milky white cum.  Those that couldn’t wait just jacked off and came on her body as she kneeled on all fours taking one dick after another.

She had no idea how many guys had fucked her or filled her mouth with their seed.  She was exhausted, her body now limp as the men continued to fill her and she continued to oblige them with one orgasm after another.  She couldn’t remember when she had come so many times in one night.  Noticing her exhaustion they laid her out on a small table.  Her legs being held by one guy after another, spreading her legs wide and driving inside her.  Her head hung over the other end of the table constantly stuffed with dick; musty balls slapping her in nose and eyes.  They revelled watching the front of her neck expand with the imprint of their dicks thrusting deep inside her throat.  She knew when morning came there would be no need to eat breakfast.  They were filling her belly with their protein.

She didn’t know how many hours had passed, at some point someone had carried her upstairs to one of the canopied beds.  The club began to clear out as she laid there naked as one man here or there would join her on the bed to be satisfied by the new girl.  Somewhere along the way she had lost her shoes, her purse, and the small tight mini skirt that had been around her waist and she didn’t care, her need was being fulfilled and that was all that mattered.

“Miss…… Miss?” She must have fallen asleep.  She wiped the sleep from her eyes as she saw morning sunlight coming through the bar windows.  “I have to close up.  It’s 6am.” The bartender handed her her clothes, purse and shoes.  “There is a bathroom with a shower over there.” He pointed to the corner of the club. “Do you need a ride or would you like for me to call you a cab?”

She smiled and shook her head.  “No my car is out front but I will take that shower.”  Taking her clothes from the bartender. “My name is Joane.  Would you like to join me in the shower?”  Taking his hand she led him to the bathroom he had pointed out.  She needed one more load for the road.

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