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He knew she was addicted.  She let him almost do anything to her as long as he fed her pussy at least 3 loads of cum a night.  He barely knew anything about her but he seemed to find himself at her house every night since he met her a month ago.  All he knew was her name was Joane and she was wealthy.  He met her in the “Rendevous”; a bar and nightclub in the heart of the art district of downtown.   He found her laid out on one of the beds inside the bar totally nude.  She never asked any questions, never seemed to have expectations and anytime he needed to be with her she was ready to see him.  Maybe he was the one that was addicted.

Joane didn’t answer questions though.  Kyami looked around her massive bedroom after a night of rough satisfying sex and wondered how she could afford such a nice place.  Her home, on the beach, was the most magnificent piece of architecture he had ever seen.   She mentioned she had connections with Anton, a prominent architect and that was all she said.  Joane seemed to be grossly rich and he often wondered why she had time for someone like him.   “Ky honey”, as she affectionately called him, “You are my sunshine.”

He tried to sneak out of the bed.  He needed to get to work to meet the alcohol suppliers but as soon as he moved Joane grabbed his arm.  He knew what that meant, one more round with her before he left.  “Where do you think you are going baby?  You know I’ve told you you don’t need that job anymore.” She smiled at him slyly.  “You know I will pay you to be here with me.”  Kyami smiled back at her.  She had made that offer once before and he couldn’t bring himself to take it; he was a man from the south and living off a woman was not how he was raised.  His meager income as a bar manager was nothing compared to the amount of wealth she seemed to have.  He had a decent apartment on the north side of town and he thought it was rather nice for a guy making it on his own.

She rolled on top of him.  Smiling as she kissed his abs, moving down to the fluff of pubic hair he had the lower she went.  He knew where she was going and he loved how she enjoyed her first meal of the day.  She wasted no time as he felt her hands stroking his long shaft.  Joane had told him he had the most beautiful dick she had ever seen.  As much as he wanted to believe that, he knew that Joane had been with a great number of men and surely she was just stroking his ego.  The night he met her at the club he’d watched her fucking one guy after the next.  He just wanted to fuck her too.  He had no idea he would become a regular at her home.

He groaned as she got him harder.  He grabbed the red dreadlocks she had neatly wrapped around her head, pushing her head down hard on his dick.  He could feel her warm mouth around his shaft.  His dick tingled; he could feel his head entering her throat cutting off her air.  He loved that she could swallow his entire dick.  It looked so good watching it disappear inside her throat.  He laid back on the pillows and thrust up into her mouth making her gag.  He watched as her body tensed and slob started to run down his shaft.  Despite her bodies natural need to reject his dick from her throat she never lifted.  He kept ramming up into her mouth.  He knew he would lose it soon if they didn’t stop.

He abruptly lifted her head up from his dick, pulling her face up to his, kissing her full lips.  Joane was beautiful with a perfect body, her hips and butt were full, her waist was small with heavy breasts and huge gum drop shaped nipples.  He didn’t understand the power this woman had over him to keep him coming back to her every night. It seemed he couldn’t go one day without having her in some kind of way and she seemed to love accommodating him. This morning he wanted to cum inside her.

Lifting her up to sit down on his dick, he held his thick shaft as he pushed up inside her.  Joane had the stamina of a long distance runner.  She sat down slowly wrapping her dripping pussy around his massive dick.  Joane was always ready; unlike most girls he had been with in the past, she seemed to always be wet.  He watched as she moved down on his dick taking his entirety inside her.  She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure.  Reaching up grabbing her breasts he pulled her to him.  Sucking her hard nipple into his mouth, licking over the tip lightly making her moan even louder.  He could feel her moving faster and with more intent.  Her Kegel muscles massaging his shaft and head as she ensured each long stroke inside her was purposeful.  He had to concentrate not to cum.  Joane knew how to make him lose control easily if he wasn’t careful and he wanted to enjoy her as long as he could this morning.

He pushed her down hard on his dick holding her there as he thrust up feeling her warm tight pussy.  Trying his hardest not to cum too soon.  “Be still girl.” He groaned out.  She giggled as she rolled her hips on his dick; intermittently squeezing his shaft and then his head as she did.  It was astonishing the power this woman had over her pussy.  Joane had refused to let him wear condoms and when he asked why, her answer was simple.  “I don’t like them.”  Kyami asked her if she was worried about getting pregnant, when really he was the one that didn’t want any children. Her reply shocked him, “If you want to wear a condom, you are welcome to leave.”  He decided that first night it was best to leave but after seeing her in the club again for the 2nd night in a row he decided to give in.  Rocking and rolling her hips, he grimaced, he could smell the sweet musk of their sex wafting up into his nose.  He tried to lift her to change position and then he felt it.  “Damn it!” He roared out as he slammed her back down on his dick.  He exploded inside her and she smiled knowing that he had lost control.  “I love when I can make you cum like that Ky.”  He convulsed beneath her in a strong orgasm. She kept riding him until he made her stop.  His dick was sensitive after he came and she loved to tease him.

She laid on him trying her best to delay him further.  He could feel her fingers running through the tangle of curling hair on his chest.  “I have to go Joane.  Will I see you tonight at Rendevous?”  He moved from under her and headed to the shower.  “No not tonight Ky.  I have some research to do.  If you won’t take my offer to pay you to take care of me I will have to find another way to get what I want.”  Ky had no idea what she meant and after a month of dealing with her, he knew she wouldn’t tell him if he asked.

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