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He knew she was addicted.  She let him almost do anything to her as long as he fed her pussy at least 3 loads of cum a night.  He barely knew anything about her but he seemed to find himself at her house every night since he met her a month ago.  All he knew was her name was Joane and she was wealthy.  He met her in the “Rendevous”; a bar and nightclub in the heart of the art district of downtown.   He found her laid out on one of the beds inside the bar totally nude.  She never asked any questions, never seemed to have expectations and anytime he needed to be with her she was ready to see him.  Maybe he was…


She needed it.  Her body seemed to be on fire all the time.  She had a few guys she could call on whenever she got horny but tonight no one was answering the phone and she had to do something.  She had already masturbated 3 times hoping it would help but it seemed to only make things worse. It was late but she could take it no longer.  She dressed, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.  She heard there was some kind of kink bar called “Rendevous” up on 10th street.  She’d never been there…. she felt as though only desperate people went to places like that.  Tonight she was that desperate person. She rode around the bar 4 times before finally finding…

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