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Try Falling back in love!

I never claim to be Ms. Know it All. There is no way my advice will apply to everyone all the time but this little tidbit definitely applies to me so I can only assume it will help others.

Some of us come to this website to share our stories about intimacy, to share our pain or troubles, to get tips and other just love to read what might be said. With that said I want to give you one intimacy tip that helped me tremendously.

My guy and me had our ups and downs, we’ve both moved on several times and tried to make it work with others but we always seemed to come back to US. The yo-yo effect we had going on was almost embarrassing. When we would come back together, there would be distrust, inadequacy issues, fear, unresolved issues based on how differently we were raised, he was a man I was a woman; you name it we had it going on.   These troubles caused us to have problems in the bedroom. Sometimes I didn’t feel loved and didn’t want to be touched and he didn’t feel loved because I didn’t want to touch him. In the meantime we would try new stuff; we bought new toys, tried new techniques, watched porn, read erotica, and all kinds of other stuff to cover the real problem, which was, we were both very insecure.

We ended it again and this time it was for good… yet somehow, someway we came back together. We both had our walls up, we were both suspicious, why was he back, why was I back. It took months for both of us to let our guard down but we did and when we did we fell back in love.

All the apprehension, tension, fears, and distrust finally faded away and as it faded away our intimacy issues began to fade away as well. Now we have a healthy sex life, he makes me feel sexy and I make him feel like a man.

Sometimes all the counseling you get for your intimacy issues can be solved by both parties agreeing to let down their guard, trust each other again and fall back in love.

As the new adventure starts for me, this 10th chance at love with my dream guy… I can’t wait to share more of what we try.

Try Falling back in love!

Share your success stories about getting past your intimacy issues with your partner.  We’d love to hear from you.

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