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Is it Time to Start Using Lube?

Women and men both have different reasons for using lube. After a conversation with one of my best friends I realized that using lube has become a necessity for some women. Most of my Girl friends and associates are 40 and over; we are getting older and vaginal dryness due during the premenopausal stage of our lives can cause intimacy to be down right painful. It doesn’t mean we aren’t horny or losing the attraction to our significant others, our bodies are simply changing.

The Lube Stigma

Using lube can sometimes come with a certain stigma, sometimes we wonder if our partners feel like there is something wrong with us because we aren’t getting wet enough. I remember times when my significant other would pull out the lube and I felt like he was using it only because he didn’t want bother with the foreplay. Now that I am getting older and quickly getting over that stigma and am ready to explore which lube would be best for both of us. I have realized that my partners attempts to pull out the lube was not because he wanted to forgo foreplay; it was his attempt to ensure that intimacy would be pleasurable for me.

Which is the best Lube

I am no expert lube lady so trust me my suggestions are guided by my sensitive vagina and what I have been told by my gynecologist. Many women are susceptible to vaginal bacteria infections or vaginitis. The skin on my entire body is sensitive so it was no surprise to me that my “joy box” was sensitive as well. Ladies we must be careful what we put in vagina’s.

With that said water based lubes or all natural lubricants are best. Currently, when I do need lube I use the good ole original KY Jelly our gynecologists use for our vaginal check ups. Yes it’s cold but if I want to avoid the itching, swelling, discharge and the odor of a vaginal infection, that good ole cold KY Jelly is well worth it.

I am also currently researching all natural lubes and have found that lubes containing almond, coconut or shea oils and or other natural fruit extracts that mimic your vagina’s natural juices are great to use also. ( I am going to try a few and update this article later once I’ve found some that I am happy with) It is important to remember that we can absorb toxins into our body through the skin 8 times faster than ingesting; therefore, it is essential to read the ingredients of your lube and find out what reactions your body could have when exposed to those components.

If you aren’t like me and your “joy box” can handle it, you and your partners can experiment with different types of lube and make it into a game of sorts. Just remember to give our vagina a bit of a break before switching to a new kind of lube to gage if your body will have any reaction to it.

Why Women experience vaginal dryness

Currently for the women of my age group, our vaginal dryness is due to getting older and our bodies starting to experience pre menopausal symptoms but there are several reasons a woman could experience dryness during intercourse. Below are a few reasons, besides menopause, that can cause vaginal dryness:

  1. Childbirth
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. Radiation / chemotherapy treatments
  4. Removal of the ovaries
  5. Anti-estrogen medications to treat fibroid tumors and endometriosis
  6. Autoimmune disorders that attack the cells that produce moisture
  7. Allergy to cold medications and anti depressants
  8. Douching (please don’t douche, if you have an odor see your doctor douching is not healthy for your vagina)
  9. Lack of foreplay before intercourse.

If you experience itching, burning or discomfort in your vaginal area it is important to call our doctor and schedule an exam.

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