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Chapter 1 – Maya

Drinking a cup of bitter coffee from the Key West University cafeteria, she stood patiently waiting for Dr. Jones to come to the office door.  She had knocked a few times and could hear him talking on the phone on the other side of the dark wooden door.  Today has been a long day, she taught a full day of classes, business management and marketing principles, then took a class herself as she was working toward her own Doctorate.  Maya had always wanted to teach at a university, which her Masters Degree was allowing her to do but Maya was an ambitious perfectionist.  Not long after she started  to teach at Key West University she decided she needed to be a college professor.  Dr. Maya Oran had a nice ring to it she thought but she wasn’t doing well in her West African History class and Maya needed to find out why.

Maya had graduated with a 4.0 GPA with both her Bachelors and her Masters; she knew her doctorates would be more challenging but not this hard.  She felt like Dr. Jones graded her harshly and unfairly; Maya had no idea why.  She tapped on his door one more time wondering why he wasn’t at least acknowledging she was there.  She turned to leave when she heard the door open and soft whisper of his voice.  “Wait Ms. Oran, I just need one more minute and I’ll be with you.”  It was about time she thought.  He covered his cell phone with his hand as he motioned for her to sit in one of the chairs in the waiting area before closing the door to complete his phone call.

Maya looked at her watch, 7:00pm, if he didn’t hurry she would be late for her evening rendezvous with Roland.  Roland was a previous student of hers, he had approached her about a date when he was in one of her classes and she had refused him but once he had graduated, Maya called him for a date.  Roland was 24 and although Maya was 30, she had no issues with using him as a tool to satisfy to satisfy her needs.  Roland had on several occasions, proclaimed his love to her and even asked her to marry him but she reminded him often that she wasn’t interested in marriage. Maya had goals to accomplish in life and adding a real relationship would only complicate things.  Plus he was young and Maya had standards.  Regardless of his age, there was no way she could give a man the attention he needed and study for her doctorate.  She had tried dating and school simultaneously in the past. When her fiancé dropped her several years ago she was devastated.  Maya had to take a break from school for a few years and began seeing a counselor to help her work through the depression of losing the love her life.  She had promised herself she would never go through that kind of pain and anguish again.

Roland, she decided, would be her boy toy, she never allowed him to come to her house and she never went to his.  When they did see each other it would be at one of the many resorts located in Key West.  The resort was always one of her choosing and she always footed the bill. Not because he couldn’t but because she controlled everything about how they saw each other.  Maya was a straight shooter and never liked to pretend, therefore, she reminded Roland often that their relationship could never be anything more than what she allowed because he was just too young for her.

Deep in thought, Maya jumped when she realized that Dr. Jones was calling her name.  She looked at her phone, it was 7:30 and she was going to be late for her meeting with Roland and Maya hated being late.  “Come in and have a seat.” Dr. Jones pointed to the chair on the other side of massive cherry wood desk.  Maya sat down, crossed her legs and began to complain with out even bothering with the normal formalities of saying Hi or how are you doing.  “I have never had trouble keeping my grades high in any of my other classes.  My reports have been on point, hitting every key requirement you have requested in your assignments, therefore, I don’t understand why I have a low B in your class.”  Maya was not bothering to hide her frustration with the professor, she began to swing the leg she had crossed impatiently openly showing her agitation with him.

“I’m a hard teacher,” Dr Jones replied with a bit of arrogance, “and this class is not to be taken lightly…” He paused for a minute.  “Maybe you should drop this class.  You are a marketing major, I don’t understand your decision to take West African History anyway, it isn’t a required course for your doctorate…… So why are you in my class?”  Dr. Jones looked Maya directly in the eye as he waited for her to reply.

Maya’s face turned red. How dare he suggest she drop his class and what difference did it make why she was taking the course, she was taking it and she wanted to do well, that should have been all that mattered.   “I am taking this class because I have an interest in West African History and honestly I thought it would be a good transcript filler.”  Maya’s blunt honesty often got her into trouble and by the look on Dr. Jones face she could tell she let a little too much fall out of her mouth.

Dr. Jones sat back in his rolling wingback chair, rocking it as he smiled smugly.  “I see… A transcript filler you say, hmmm….  Well Ms. Oran this class is for those who studying to receive a doctorate in History… this class is not a transcript filler and definitely not for those who merely have an interest in West African History.  I really don’t think this class is for you, so if you do not have a genuine desire to learn YOUR history you should drop this class.”  Dr. Jones glared at her, now he was the one sounding irritated.

Maya was livid… how dare he talk to her in such a condescending manner; of course she wanted to learn about her history, that was why she took the class in the first place..  “I will not be dropping your class Dr. Jones, so maybe you should tell me what is it you need so I can get an “A” in West African History.” Maya never backed down from a challenge and she felt this teacher was not only challenging her to do better but slightly insulting her intelligence.

Dr. Jones took a deep breath and slowly swung his chair around to face the man book shelves behind him.  For moment he said nothing and the silence in the room hung heavy and Maya tried to control her anger as she waited.  With out turning back around he stood up, taking one of the bigger books from the shelf and opening it as he rubbing the goatee.  “Ms. Oran I need you to go above and beyond just the simple requirements of the syllabus.  This is your history not a simple class you take for fun.  I need to see that you are truly learning and not just reverberating information, if you can do that I’m sure your grade will improve.” Dr. Jones, closed the book placing it on the desk before him.  Maya noticed the title on the spine, “Africana” by Dr. Henry Louis Gates.  “Now if you will excuse me Ms. Oran I have work to do.”  His voice was polite but dismissive as he sat back in his leather chair smiling at her in a way that let her know it was time to leave.

Maya’s gaze locked into his as she considered what she was saying; even though their eyes were locked she took in his presence. Dr. Jones was fine, his muscled body showing through his blue button down shirt and designer jeans. His chiseled box jawline, perfectly groomed full beard, his face and eyes reminding her of Boris Kudjo. Breaking her gaze, she leaned forward picked up her purse and briefcase.  “My next assignment will be worthy of an ‘A’ ”, she said as she stood and turned her back to him, walking out of his office and closing the door securely behind her.  She smiled as she walked down the hallway to the elevator, she’d show him what she was capable of.

She headed to the parking lot looking at her phone she noticed it was 8:15, “Damn it” she muttered. Roland had already called leaving two voice messages.  She didn’t even bother to call him back.  She had a room key waiting for him at the front desk so he knew she would be there eventually.  Maya hit the button on her key fob that rolled down all the windows and opened the moon roof of her BMW X5.  She loved listening to the “Back Spin” station on XM radio; “Terminator X” was blasting through her speakers as she headed toward the resort to meet her boy toy.

It was a warm evening and Maya loved the smell of the clean ocean air and the warm breeze whipping around her body and through her hair as she rode along South Roosevelt Blvd.  The sun was setting and it was turning out to be a beautiful evening.  She thought for a quick second how nice it would be if she were meeting Dr. Jones tonight and quickly put the thought out of her mind.  She never dated or slept with anyone she worked with.  It was a beneficial rule she found that kept life from being too complicated.


Parking close to the front of the resort parking lot she casually passed the front desk to their room. As soon as she placed her pass key in the door she was immediately greeted by Roland swooping her into his arms and kissing her deeply.  Maya smiled and began dropping her bags and pulling her shirt over her head.  Maya needed a release and was not going to waste time with the normal boring conversation to keep it from seeming like she was only meeting him for sex.  Roland stopped her, “Wait… I ordered us dinner and pointed to the balcony of their room.”  Maya had to control her urge to roll her eyes and huff.  She was not interested in any activity with Roland that could symbolize a date.  Maya slowly began pulling her shirt back down and forced a smile on her face as he guided her to the Terrace.  He had ordered her a salad with a light dressing, lobster tail, steamed fresh vegetables and thin slice of turtle cheese cake.  Roland had listened to everything Maya had ever told him and paid close attention to the things she liked so he could surprise her with them later.  Her favorite white roses sent to her at her office at the university, sometimes he sent her lunch, he even sent her gift cards to the local car detailing service to keep her SUV clean.  Roland was a sweet heart, he was chocolate, athletically built, a beautiful smile and he was fine as hell but he was young; Maya just couldn’t imagine anything more than intimacy with him.  How would she explain him to her collegues?  She could just imagine someone asking how they met and he would blurt out that he was in her class.

Roland pulled out her chair for her, kissing her lightly on the forehead as she sat down and then lit the candle center piece on the laced covered table.  Roland was such a romantic and Maya was beginning to feel that after this date she was going to have to stop seeing him.  His feelings were getting too deep despite her constant reminders that they could never be more, Roland just kept trying.  Maya sat and listened to him tell her about his day.  Roland worked for a successful real estate company; despite his age he was one of the top sales associates, Maya was sure his chocolate skin and beautiful smile helped him make those sales.

After dinner they shared a glass of Moscato and looked out at the ocean.  It was a clear night, the breeze was perfect and Maya was beginning to feel a bit woozy from the alcohol.  If she didn’t get him in the bed soon she would be asleep and the night would be ruined.  Maya couldn’t take it any longer, some where in the conversation Roland had removed his shirt and revealed his muscled hairless chest.  Maya loved the feel of his skin and his masculine scent.  Maya decided she would tease him, she slowly began removing her top, it was late and there weren’t many people around to notice.  Roland smiled but when she started removing her bra exposing her perfect natural breasts he jumped trying to cover her body from anyone who could possibly see her, swooping her from the private terrace.

Maya laughed at Roland as he deposited her inside their room and quickly closed the window sheers protecting her from prying eyes.  “You are so bad Maya” he said smiling her at her.  Maya grabbed his neck and began kissing him… she hadn’t seen him in two weeks and two weeks was a long time to go with out sex.  She grabbed his belt unbuckling it and using it to pull him to the bed as she continued kissing him.  As soon as she reached the bed she unzipped his pants, pulling them down forcefully and freed his bulging cock from his pants.  Kneeling on the bed in front of him she smiled as his cock jumped under her touch.  Maya immediately inhaled his beautiful dark cock, taking it deep into her mouth and throat engulfing him with her warm wet mouth, swirling her tongue around his head as she sucked him.  Roland grabbed her head, closed his eyes, bit his lower lip, arched his back and began to force his cock deeper into her throat.  This was the only part of their intimacy Maya allowed him to control.  She looked up at Roland, she loved how he looked when she pleasured his cock with her mouth; she could hear his moaning as she allowed him to fuck her face.  Maya gagged on his cock as he pushed himself deeper and she didn’t mind, she could feel his cock get harder as he held his cock there for a little while enjoying the feeling of Maya’s throat spasming on his swelling head.  Within a few minutes Roland began to howl as he filled her throat with thick ropes of his cum.  Maya swallowed loving to hear Roland orgasm and enjoying the feel of his cock inside her mouth.  Roland was easy to please and she appreciated that about him.

Once Roland finished releasing the last of his cum in her mouth she reached up, grabbing his neck and kissing him. “It’s my turn now baby”, she said smiling as he lifted her from her kneeling position, threw her on the bed and began pulling her tight jeans from her legs.  He laid beside her kissing her face, cheeks, neck, and then began working his way to her breasts.  Her nipples resembled gum drops as they anticipated his sweet lips sucking them.  Maya guided him to her breasts and he began to suckle her like a baby as she played in his tightly curled hair.  Once she had had enough she pushed him down further to her “joy box” as she liked to call it, her pussy already slick with anticipation.  Maya had to hold back her orgasm as his mouth met her tender flesh.  She allowed Roland to massage her labia and clit with his tongue, his mouth warm as he tenderly licked her.

Maya could take it no longer, she liked to be in control of everything and Roland was causing her to lose it.  She pushed him off her, turned him over on the bed and straddled him.  She smiled down at him as she began grabbing his cock guiding him into her.  Roland had a large thick cock, another reason Maya hadn’t stopped seeing him a long time ago.  They seemed to fit together perfectly when they were having sex.  She watched Roland’s face as she slide down his cock slowly taking him deep inside her.  Maya liked to sit up on top of him giving him a full view of her large breasts as they flopped while she rode him.  She grabbed his hand and guided it to her nipple and pressed his fingers tightly letting him know she needed him to pinch them.  “Yeah like that baby, you know what I like.”  As Roland squeezed her nipple her pussy began to automatically contract around his cock.  Maya felt an orgasm building deep inside her, causing her to began to ride him harder, riding the wave of her pleasure.  Before long Maya was cumming loud and hard, losing her rhythm as she allowed her orgasm to take her over.  She smiled down at Roland as she slowed her pace.  Maya was multi-orgasmic but chose to concentrate on Roland tonight.  Now it was his time to cum again and Maya loved rocking him until he came.  She rode him slow yet deliberately, she leaned in close to him their torso’s touching as she kept her face close to his yet never kissing him.  Roland placed his hands on her hips as she continued to ride him slowly keeping him deep inside her.  She began to squeeze his cock with her pussy; milking him for his cum.  Roland’s moans let her know he was close.  She could feel his legs moving in the bed frantically as she kept riding him.  “Cum for me baby”, she whispered in his ear in her sexiest voice.  As if on command Roland howled again as he came hard.  “That’s it baby, cum for Maya.”  Smiling she kissed his nose as his orgasm subsided.

Maya rolled off Roland and pulled the sheet over her naked body turning her back to him.  She knew he would be asleep in a few minutes when he came that hard.  Maya felt his hand caressing her back, he knew better than to cuddle with her.  Outside of sex Maya never allowed Roland to be affectionate with her.  All part of trying to ensure that Roland didn’t get anymore attached than he already was.  Maya had decided that tomorrow she would tell him they couldn’t see each other anymore.  She checked her phone it was 2:30am and Roland had began to snore.  Maya slowly eased out of the bed and slipped on her clothes, grabbed her bags, and quietly slipped out of the room.

Her white X5 was parked close to the entrance of the resort’s dark parking lot.  As she walked she could swear it seemed as though someone was watching her.  Maya walked a little faster, looking her shoulder every few steps, hurrying to get to her SUV so she could lock herself inside.  Jumping inside and locking the door immediately she looked around scanning the parking lot not seeing anyone.  Maybe she was just being paranoid, it was pretty late for a woman to be out alone.  Dismissing the feeling as paranoia she pulled out of the lot and headed to her apartment.  Tonight she would skip the her routine lounge on balcony where she star gazed or read a book until her eyelids began to get heavy.  Tonight’s activities were enough and she couldn’t wait to get in her king sized pillow topped bed.

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