Dark Island Paradise

Kidnapped for the purpose of being the perfect companion to Travis, a tycoon running an Island Getaway. Maya is abruptly pulled from her life and imprisoned by the the island Master, Steven. Her strong will and arrogance are slowly doused as she finds herself craving the strong dominance that Steven gives her. Travis an intelligent ladies man, rich beyond belief and used to getting his way; is unaware that his business partner Steven feels his desire to possess Maya will ruin everything they have built. Steven plots to ensure that Maya presence backfires and Maya becomes a helpless victim in a plot of men that use sex and dominance as their means of pleasure and wealth. *this story contains sexual abuse & slavery

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Gina Toni

Gina worked her way through college designing clothes for her friends and modeling. She vowed her name would be as big as Versace and Michael Kors. While her friends laughed at her dreams, she catches the eye of a wealthy architect named Anton. After a few dates, Gina is wowed by Anton when he proposes to her and promise to invest in her dreams if she made his handsome twin brother Ari her business partner. Ari & Gina Toni are an instant success. Gina’s life is one of fairytale when Anton exposes her to every luxury she could dream of. Everything is perfect until Ari tricks her into sleeping with him and she finds herself unable to stop thinking of him and their night of mistaken passion. In a tale of dark erotica Gina explores a world of sexual perversion she never knew could exist and is instantly addicted. While trying to keep her identity hidden and hide her sexual exploits from her husband; Gina embarks on a sexual adventure that threatens to destroy everything she has strived so hard to get, including her loving husband Anton.

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