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So YOUR MAN told you he is SINGLE?

I don’t normally give relationship advice but after hanging out with my guy and his friends this weekend I felt a strong desire to just get a few things off my chest. This advice I want to give is to all the women who are with men that make it clear that they want to be single and the women who keep trying to make it more than it is. I will never give advice from a position that I don’t understand: my advice comes from my own personal experiences. It’s time certain women get a grip on reality Ladies respect yourselves When you catch your man in some mess… you confront him on it and he tells you he is single or isn’t your…

Failed Relationships are Blessings in Disguise 

For the past few months I’ve been talking to a friend of mine that has been totally distraught over the fact that her relationship with her guy ended.  No matter what I have said to her she can’t see that his leaving her was a blessing in disguise.  Many of us look back on past relationships and wish we had what we had lost. The questions you ask when they leave you If your guy or girl left you, you begin to look at yourself, “What did I do wrong?”,  “Why couldn’t he want or love me?”,  or  “What was so great about her?”.  Yes self reflection is great, you should take the time to look at yourself and see if you have some habits…

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