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Xena’s Rough Room

Xena wanted me to put together a BDSM room as a surprise for her husband.  I put out a few skyboxes for her to look at and once she selected the Fabienne pied-a-tierre skybox by [ba] I was able to get started.  I wanted to keep the room dark and sensual to match the BDSM theme of what Xena wanted.  This Interior design includes Xplicit, TA, The Loft, Aria, GW, Di’Cor, Atrium, AF, LInked and more. I hope you enjoy this design by Abhati’s Fckable Interiors.  If you would like to Hire Abhati please check out the pricing on the Hire Abhati Page and then contact her via her FB page or inworld (Legacy name Taj Oran).  I look forward to working with you in the near future.



Love, Hugs, Kisses & Licks

Abhati O



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