Uber Yummy

Uber was & is super sensational.

Uber Yummy

Uber was super sensational.  Normally I don’t find much for Maitreya Lara bodies while event shopping but designers are understanding it is time to get with the program. I spent way more at Uber on clothes than I have ever spent at any event: I’m normally looking for new furniture and home accessories.  I want to share what I found so you can go get yours.  Besides these outfits being Maitreya Lara they were also in Bellezza, Slink and many of the other new mesh body types so don’t fret you will find yours there too.

Instead of giving you the full description of these outfits I will give you the names of the designers so you can find them for yourselves at Uber

  • Spirit – Janie Tank & Ripped Jeans
  • Emery – Camila Pure Front Split Top & Kerr Jeans Faded
  • Addams – Suede Foxy Top & Ivy Skinny Flare Pant – Get the FatPack
  • Blueberry – Laced Crop Shirt  & Vinyl – Oakley Jean w/Belt – Camo







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