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The Chess Room ~ Abhati’s Fckable Interiors

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This blog is a continuation of Kazrrak’s interior home design.  I called this room “The Chess Room” because the focus was more on relaxing more than anything else.  For this design I used the La Galleria Alexandria House.  I recolored many of the rooms to ensure each room had it’s own identity and didn’t just seem like a continuation of living room.  This room I colored a dark charcoal grey to bring out the male energy I wanted the room to have.  This room is extremely small so I didn’t want to compromise the decor by trying to add a lot of adult furniture to the room making it overly cluttered.  For this room I just used 2 chairs that have adult animations and focused more on the feel of the room.  I hope you enjoy this Fckable Interior.  Please see the details below.

Room Accessories
  • TA Challenge Chess Set
  • TA Opulent Table
  • TA Majestic Grey Fur Rug
  • TA Concept Old Jar
  • TA Concept Hang Lamp
  • TA Sensation Jar
  • TA Pegasus Decor Set
  • TA Opulent Sun Decor
  • AF Huge Fan Palm
  • Apple Fall Wooden Tribal Jars
  • Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02 ~ BaZar
  • Stockholm-Bedroom painting 01 ~ BaZar
Adult Furniture
  • N4RS Dixon Wingback – MF

Please check out the other rooms I did for Kaz in the very near future.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you would like to hire me please feel free to visit my store at Hire Abhati.

Love, Hugs, Kisses & Licks.

Abhati O



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