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Radiance’s Descrete Fckable Sitting Room

You will see a few of the same items I’ve used in other Fckable Interiors and a few new or retextured items to fit the needed look.  I made the room a charcoal grey because I love the appearance of contrast of the surrounding walls, the floor and the furniture.  In this Interior Decor Job I used Abiss, N4RS, and GW as my Fckable creators of choice.  I hope you enjoy this post.

Room Accessories:

Fckable Furniture:

  • GW Living Room Set Grand – Chair (Adult)
  • GW Living Room Set Grand – Couch (Adult)
  • The Armchair by Abiss – Master edition
  • The Armchair by Abiss – Mistress edition
  • N4RS Decadent Divan MF – Custom Texture

If you would like to hire me – Abhati to design your Fckable interior, please visit the Hire Abhati page for pricing. Message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbhatiO or contact me in world by searching my legacy name Taj Oran.




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