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King’s Playground ~ Abhati’s Fckable Interiors

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Shaun “King” Versace said he wanted me to come in and just a lay a few things down in his bedroom that were explicit and sexy.  He cleaned it out, all except for a bed that I needed to build around. Instead of just coming in and laying a few things down I did an entire redesign of his master bedroom.  The theme colors being black and white, spiced with super kink.  I wanted to make something that oozed of sexiness, was cozy, manly while at the same time slightly romantic in a masculine kind of way so I created the King’s Playground.  The above images give you a panoramic view of what I put together for Shaun.  I hope you enjoy the design.  The furniture, their creators and where to find them are listed below.  All furniture with Adult animations will be noted in Red.

  • ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Modern Bed 1.76 ~ Adult Animations
  • TA Wall Decor Sexy
  • tarte. night sky curtain
  • Mesh Nation / MN Cluster of Candles – textured
  • NFZ & Abiss – Obedience Chair
  • AF Fashion Trunk (2013)
  • TA Rum & Shaker w/ Mojito Drink
  • TA Exalt Lamp
  • TA Noor Palm
  • HSF ~ “Banged Around” Sex Couch ~ Adult Animations
  • Stockholm&Lima: The Honeypot v2 ~ Adult Animations
  • Bazar ~ Roya-Fluffy carpet
  • [vandelo] Regency Coffee Table
  • [vandelo] Cigar Box & Tea Set
  • KAZZA – Line Breeze – Vase w/ tropical plant C
  • Stockholm&Lima: Lovers Lounge [A] ~ Adult Animations
  • N4RS Dixon Wingback – MF ~ Adult Animations
  • N4RS Tempest Entry MF – Mahogany ~ Adult Animations
  • [vandelo] Bethany Candelabra
  • [vandelo] Monarch Wine Dispenser
  • Stockholm&Lima: Three’s Company Floor Rug ~ Adult Animations
  • TA Lotus Buddha
  • TA Majestic Wall Decor
  • TA Imported Cigars Box
  • Xplicit Hot Fireplace (c)
  • TA Majestic Buddha Heads

I hope you enjoy this blog post and it inspires you to create your own adult kinky room.

Love, Hugs, Kisses & Licks.

Abhati O



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