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Don’t Sit Here, F*ck Here! ~ Abhati’s Fckable Interiors

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Don’t sit here, F*ck here is my private skybox living room.  This is only one corner of it and I will be blogging the other corners and sides soon. Since this is my own private space, although decor is important, I focused more on the furniture and what I needed it to do for me.  As with most of my interior designs, my mind is always on the Adult side of what I want to do once the build is done.  This corner is packed with some of my favorite designers that make furniture with the best animations.  Having sex isn’t always about making love in the bed, sometimes you need it spontaneous and anywhere.  In this skybox I can have sex anywhere.  GW and ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: are two of my favorite Adult furniture designers.  I fell in love with GW because they make great looking furniture, with awesome, realistic and very kinky sex animations at a very affordable price.  I hope you enjoy this design.  Unfortunately this will not be a build you can visit on the Rated XXX sim unless….. I give you a personal invite.

  • GW Living Room Set Neat – Sofa (Adult)
  • GW Royal 3P Chaise (Adult & Threesome Menu)
  • GW Living Room Set Neat – Chair (Adult)
  • GW Living Room Set Posh – Twig Vase
  • ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Rug 1.76 (COPY)
  • TA Noor Palm
  • TA Cage Candles
  • The Loft – Brass Diamonds II
  • The Loft – Brass Diamonds I
  • DRD – Industrial hanging lights
  • ~SC~ Oriental Buddha Picture
  • [vandelo] Regency Coffee Table
  • [vandelo] Cigar Box
  • [vandelo] Tea Set
  • Xplicit Hot Rug (c)

Also please remember, you can hire me to design your adult space for you.  You can see my pricing on the Hire Abhati page.

Love, hugs, kisses, & licks ~ Abhati O



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