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Abhati’s Balconies (Part 1 of 2) ~ Fckable Exteriors

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As you know I love to design beautiful areas that you can enjoy for beauty of them as well as for the adult animations for fun.  I recently purchased the new La Galleria Hyde Park House.  This house is beautiful with a lot of windows to let in light.  If you are used to living in a home with a great deal of wall space… This is not the home for you.  I actually had to figure out how to place my furniture because I had gotten so used to having walls without windows.

Lets talk about balconies though.  The Hyde park home has expansive balconies and lower level deck or porch areas for you to enjoy the outside of this home as much as you enjoy the inside.  These areas are huge to just leave them bare just is not an option for me.

You know Abhati; I need my furniture to have Adult Animations, so on this back balcony I did a good mix of both PG and Adult furniture to enhance the look.  If you are an Adult furniture shopper you know how difficult it can be to make a beautifully decorated space with totally Adult furniture but I do try to fit in as much as I can.

Please see the furniture and house listed below.

All photography is done by me (Abhati O).  I hope this post inspired you to create a beautiful outdoor Fckable Exterior of your own.

Hugs & Kisses

Abhati O

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