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Xena’s Rough Room

Xena wanted me to put together a BDSM room as a surprise for her husband.  I put out a few skyboxes for her to look at and once she selected the Fabienne pied-a-tierre skybox by [ba] I was able to get started.  I wanted to keep the room dark and sensual to match the BDSM theme of what Xena wanted.  This Interior design includes Xplicit, TA, The Loft, Aria, GW, Di’Cor, Atrium, AF, LInked and more. I hope you enjoy this design by Abhati’s Fckable Interiors.  If you would like to Hire Abhati please check out the pricing on the Hire Abhati Page and then contact her via her FB page or inworld (Legacy name Taj Oran).  I look forward to working with you in the…

Elyssa’s Elegant Fckable Interior

Elyssa was specific in her wants for her new home.  She wanted something elegant.  She had a skybox from Roost that presented some space issues but we made it work.  Elyssa now has a beautifully decorated cozy little home with adult accents for fun. Please take a look at this video of her completed home. If you would like to hire me – Abhati to design your Fckable interior, please visit the Hire Abhati page for pricing. Message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbhatiO or contact me in world by searching my legacy name Taj Oran. I look forward to working with you.  

Radiance’s Descrete Fckable Sitting Room

You will see a few of the same items I’ve used in other Fckable Interiors and a few new or retextured items to fit the needed look.  I made the room a charcoal grey because I love the appearance of contrast of the surrounding walls, the floor and the furniture.  In this Interior Decor Job I used Abiss, N4RS, and GW as my Fckable creators of choice.  I hope you enjoy this post. Room Accessories: TA Opulent Sun Decor TA Opulent Fireplace TA Ocean Bedside Table TA Spirits Drinks Set GW Living Room Set Grand – Vase GW Living Room Set Grand – Candles dust bunny . lighted jar . type a  – Collabor88 The Loft & ARIA – Aradia Leaner Mirror – Shiny Shabby…

Corey MacIntyre’s Fckable Interior

Corey MacIntyre’s Fckable Interior consisted of a multiple story New York Style Brown Stone. In this project I created his living room area, kitchen with dinnette and additional family room / entertainment area. The second floor contains a bathroom, bedroom and office with sitting area. Corey’s fourth floor included his man cave with additional office space, master suite, closet and master bath. All rooms contain fckable furniture from Rawage, Xplicit, GW, Trompe Loeil, Cheeky Pea, HSF, Atrium, NFZ, and other adult furniture designers. I hope you enjoy the video below. If you would like to hire me – Abhati to design your Fckable interior, please visit the Hire Abhati page for pricing. Message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbhatiO or contact me in world by searching my legacy name…

Blacks Fckable Interior Design

Please take a look at Black’s Fckable Interior Design.  Below Videos showcase his massive living room, master suite, and master bath.  All furniture has adult animations for fun play no matter he decides to sit.  To hire Abhati visit the Hire Abhati Page or contact her in SecondLife by looking up her Legacy name Taj Oran.  I hope you enjoy these videos and I look forward to creating something sexy for you too.  

Timberland Cozy Fckable Master

I wanted to change one of the master suites on my sim.  It had been a while and the room just felt drab.  I removed everything with no idea of what I’d do with the room so I decided to go shopping at Shiny Shabby and there I found it.  An Adult Timberland Bed by DRD that set it off.  This room has been totally designed around the feel of this one piece of furniture.  I hope you enjoy this Fckable interior.  You can see it inworld by joining the Rated XXX group and visiting the Rated XXX sim.  I look forward to your visits. Room Accessories From Shiny Shabby (luc) Hanging Lotus Lamp, Gold ~ Shiny Shabby concept} Lake silver Tray 02 ~ Shiny Shabby…

Asari & Ves’s New Master Bedroom Set ~ Abhati’s Fckable Interior

I was just hired by Asari & Ves of VNM Porn Studio to create a Fckable Master Bedroom.  Needless to say I was super excited that they not only hired me but that my design would be in their upcoming videos.  Wanting to ensure they have plenty of furniture to Fck on.  I probably over did the furniture but I wanted to make sure they had plenty of options.  I hope you enjoy this post and I look forward to the naughty videos this design inspires. Room Accessories: TA Opulent Screen TA Noor Tapestry TA Opulent Fireplace TA Noor Palm TA Opulent Palm TA Opulent Pouffe TA Majestic Wall Decor TA Noor Jar Shabby Wall Window ~ Zen Creations [Tia] Masters Weekend Chair – Brandy…

The Chess Room ~ Abhati’s Fckable Interiors

This blog is a continuation of Kazrrak’s interior home design.  I called this room “The Chess Room” because the focus was more on relaxing more than anything else.  For this design I used the La Galleria Alexandria House.  I recolored many of the rooms to ensure each room had it’s own identity and didn’t just seem like a continuation of living room.  This room I colored a dark charcoal grey to bring out the male energy I wanted the room to have.  This room is extremely small so I didn’t want to compromise the decor by trying to add a lot of adult furniture to the room making it overly cluttered.  For this room I just used 2 chairs that have adult animations and focused…

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