Terms Of Service

**Payment is needed in full before your interior design work will begin

**Before paying I need to do a walk-through of your home.  Please DO NOT PAY UNTIL we have talked and I have walked your home.


We at Abhati’s Fckable Interior Design want you to be a satisfied customer.  Before purchasing any of the services below it would be best to consult with Abhati O to ensure you are getting the best deal and the correct pricing for your build.  Our goal is to ensure you love your new home interior design, so if for some reason we feel we cannot do our best work for you we prefer not to do it at all. At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of our services.

  • I retain the right to refuse to decorate your home based on my availability, the difficulty of decorating your build or if I feel we will not be a good match.
  • A walk through of your home is required to give you an accurate quote.  Please be sure to schedule your walk through with Abhati’s Fckable Interiors and READ THE BELOW.
  • Please remember that all furniture used in my designs belong to Abhati’s Fckable Interiors and will be lost if you return it or send it back.  Edit Rights will need to be exchanged before design work starts.
  • Pricing for room decor is based on Roost or Redgrave room sizes.  Larger rooms such as Quantum, Southern Knight & Diamond Homes are charged at a higher rate.
  • After completion rights will be taken away but will be returned for 2-week increments when requested.  If you intend to move to another land and will be keeping the same house/build we will move you at a 2500L or $10 USD fee per room (I reserve the right to deny moving you based on my availability or the magnitude of your move).
  • Please be sure to have about 250 – 350 prims available per room for your decor.  Closets and Kitchens often require more prims, we can discuss this during our walkthrough.
  • Please make sure your home is unlocked if you want walls and floors to be textured.  If your home is locked I will assume you do not require texturing.
  • Please make sure your landing spot is set to anywhere while I’m working
  • Land must be open for rezzing/object entry.  I will not be joining land groups to decorate your home.
  • Please expect a minimum of 4 business days for the completion of each room.  There will be times when it takes longer, creativity cannot be rushed or pushed but I guarantee I will my best to get your home done as quickly as possible.
  • Texturing is done for free in rooms that are being decorated by Abhati’s Fckable Interiors.  There is a 1500L fee to texture rooms that are not part of your decor package.  I do not retexture rooms, therefore if for some reason you need to rerez your home you must pay the texturing fee listed above.
  • After we have done your walkthrough and I have given you a notecard with your quote and start date you must pay for at least one of the rooms to hold your place in my list and your start date.  No payment will result in your start date being pushed back to a later date.
  • Your payment confirms that you agree to all the terms above including my no refund policy below.
  • Once I have been hired to do a job and I have begun shopping for your Interior design there are absolutely no refunds, therefore it is imperative that you speak with me, ask all the questions needed and review my body of work before hiring Abhati’s Fckable Interior Design to work on your home.
  • If you move or ask me to stop/pause work after paying for services.  You are alotted a 3 week hold time afterwhich you will lose money paid and any further decor services (updated 7.23.19)
  • Non-harrassment clause:  You agree to my terms of service, have read through them, asked all the questions you need to ask for clarity before paying AFI.  After which if you refrain from engaging in any conduct, activity or plan designed or intended to harass, annoy or otherwise inflict emotional distress on AFI.  Any of the above can and will result in a loss of services as well as any payments made to AFI (Updated 7.23.19)
  • Lastly, because this has been an issue with clients in the past I need to address this before you become a paid client of AFI.  I work with a MINIMUM of 5 clients at a time, therefore, in the time I’m working with you, you will see other clients rooms or projects posted on Facebook and/or Flickr.  This does not mean I’m neglecting my obligation to you as my decor client, it simply means I’m multitasking as most of us are required to do at any job we work.
  • My TOS is listed above.  I’m a professional and I operate as such in SL, just as I would in RL.  If any of what you read above concerns you and you have questions my contact information is below.

Please contact Abhati O on her Facebook Page by leaving a message or SL inworld (Legacy Name Taj Oran) for a decor quote or if you have any questions.

Please review our product galleries via the Abhati’s Fckable Interiors Facebook page, our Abhati’s Style blogs, and our Youtube videos for tutorials to get an idea of the kind of designs we create for our clients. Payments can be accepted on the website or inworld.  If you prefer to have a receipt of your purchase for your records, we recommend that you purchase your interior design services on the website below.  We look forward to working with you soon.

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